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(Petition initiated by Véronique and Sylvain Sick, Haute-Savoie, France) 

This administrative order arouses our incomprehension and our disapproval ! Taking into account the reputation of the house, we wish to continue to frequent this beautiful residence in Old Quebec. This is why we are asking that the City of Quebec recognize the tourist operating permit that the Castel d'Amérique Française has already obtained, many times, from the Ministry of Tourism with the 4-star rating. This illustrates the mobilization that the preservation of this place generates.

This Petition is sent individually, by each visitor of Castel d'Amérique Française, to the Mayor of Quebec, to the deputies of Quebec and Canada, Municipal Councilor – district of Cap-aux-Diamants, to the members of the executive committee of Quebec,
to the members of the Urban Planning
Commission of the City of Quebec.

We await your reaction.

Thank you for listening to us,

Tourists from all over the World.

We are frequent visitors to Castel d’Amérique Française, a B&B, located in Old Quebec at 31, rue Ste-Ursule. To our unpleasant surprise, we have just learned on the official website of Castel d'Amérique Française, at:, that the City of Quebec refuses the B&B, whose heritage value is recognized as “superior”, to provide the certificate of municipal conformity, necessary to renew the tourist operating permit. The City declares the area, where the B&B is located, the residential zone, while the Sainte-Ursule street is dotted with many hotels/B&Bs and other businesses? How can we explain that the City of Quebec wants to prohibit us from visiting the B&B in one of the most beautiful ancestral homes in Old Quebec, restored with so much passion by the owners while respecting the architectural heritage bequeathed by the architect Charles Baillargé ! These well decorated rooms, these balconies overlooking the Ursulines garden, the Frontenac castle, the Saint Lawrence River, the island bridge, the Sainte-Anne de Beaupré mountains, would be an irreplaceable loss for foreign visitors !  In the majority of historic cities, it is with pride that tourists from all over the world are offered accommodation in small family hotels full of charm and character which express the culture of a nation so well. It is most often thanks to the welcome of tourists, as is the case here at Castel d'Amérique Française, that these jewels of heritage have been able to be restored and continue to live.

(Petition initiated by Véronique and Sylvain Sick,  Haute-Savoie, France) 

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